8 Setbacks Likely to Happen While Using Movers in Wollongong


As with all jobs, there’s always the chance of the unexpected happening during a move. It could be something as insignificant as a parking violation or employing a moving vehicle smaller than what’s needed. Or, it could be something much more severe like an insurance issue or missing items. 

Whatever the case may be, knowing the difference between an unavoidable moving disaster and unprofessional behavior would go a long way in coming up with a workable compromise. However, the sad truth is that a lot of people relate most of their moving setbacks to their moving companies. Unknown to most of them, even the best removalists Wollongong are bound to the laws of reality.

Not misunderstanding the situation is all the more reason why you should be aware of these issues before they disrupt your entire move. This way, you don’t make your movers Wollongong jobs much harder for them. Thankfully this blog post highlights 8 setbacks you should expect during your next move. The first being:

  1. They can’t access your property.

This is a familiar problem many residents of Wollongong face when moving. There are a few for that happening. In most cases, the culprit is usually a parking ticket from diligent parking wardens. 

Since you know your home much better than the removalists, take care of this issue before it becomes a complication. You could ask your neighbors  if they don’t mind being blocked during the move. Or, you could contact your local council to overlook parking restrictions during the loading process. Although you might have to meet up with them 7 days before the move and cover the suspension costs. 

  1. Their van’s not big enough for your stuff.

This is a significant problem that could cost you time, money, and throwing away valuable belongings, all to make a move easier. The worst-case scenario could have you not even completing the move at all! This would also mean more stress with each move (more back and forth trips) and many unhappy faces.

Thankfully, there’s a way to avoid all this, and that’s to make sure your removalists survey your building to find out how much property you’re moving to your new home. Let them be the ones to decide the type of vehicle they would need to successfully complete the move. 

  1. Damaged/missing property

Even with the most straightforward journey, there’s always the likelihood of something getting lost on the way. Or even worse, damaged! As alarming as it sounds, all it takes for you to avoid this nasty situation is to label your boxes properly before the move and tick them as complete immediately you unload them at your new location. 

Also, you need to make sure you know who you’re working with. And by who, we mean everybody in the removalist uniform. Some hoodlums see this as an avenue to steal your valuables right under your nose. 

Another quick tip would be to package the delicates (putting them in bubble wraps or other protective polymers) before putting them in boxes. Don’t forget to label those boxes as ‘fragile.’

  1. There are items your moving company just can’t ‘move.’

Large appliances like your refrigerator, air conditioning, washing machine, and even the dishwasher would require some sort of expertise to properly move them.  The reason was that they’d have to be properly disconnected from the mains before carrying them to the van. If you don’t have this planned out before the day of the move, then you might have to leave them behind to be moved the next day.

  1. Late arrivals

You should know that you pay for extra hours your movers Wollongong spend on your move. To avoid spending out of your budget, make sure you confirm dates with your company before the D-day. Don’t forget to factor in other aspects that could cause delay. Aspects like traffic and parking laws. Make sure that any delay in your move is from their end and not yours. 

  1. Thinking your removalist insurance covers all your damages.

It’s everyday thinking to leave all damages during the move to your removalists. However, it won’t hurt to get some of your stuff insured by the right company. Especially the expensive ones. The thing is, there’s no telling when something could go wrong at all! Get in touch with your removalists to know the extent to which their insurance covers some of your belongings. 

  1. Extra charges for extra services

If you’re going to avoid being charged extra for services you didn’t expect, then you need to be clear on what you need from your moving company. As the name suggests, you pay them to help you move your belongings from your old home to your dream home. Their agreement with you doesn’t cover packing, disassembly or reassembling items. When next you’re looking to hire a removalist company, make sure you let them in on the extra services you’d need from them. This way, you can be sure of the exact amount to pay for their extra help. 

  1. The weather factor

Now here’s one issue that’s entirely out of your control. With the weather factor, things can go real ugly real fast. Or is it? We strongly advise you to check the weather forecast for the day you’re moving and decide whether to postpone the move or leave it on that day. You could also ask your removalist company to make sure they have a warehouse along the roads of Wollongong for storing your goods should weather decide to mess things up. 

By knowing these setbacks, you can plan your next move in a smarter, much easier way. An even better benefit is that you don’t get to lose your best removalist Wollongong to these uncontrollable moving nightmares. 

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