How To Find A Cheap Removalist


So you are planning to move but you don’t have enough money budgeted for a standard removalist. You will be surprised how many other people need cheap removalists that they can afford. We are going to highlight some tips on how to find cheapremovalists in Wollongong without a total reduction in quality of service. 

Factors That Affect Your Moving Costs

If you want a not only cost-effective but cheap removalist, you have to know what makes the quote given by the removalist firm high. Understanding how they charge will help you cut down on some of these factors to reduce price and also help you in getting quality movement of your loads. 


The size of the things you are moving is one of the first factors to consider. The size determines the type of trucks to be used. A proper removalist in Wollongong will take account of the kind of load and the size before charging you. You don’t expect the firm to use three small vehicles to convey goods that a big truck can carry once. The best way to get a cheaper price for your load is to donate things you don’t need or sell things you can get at your desired destination.

Another way size affects is based on the packing of the load, the items you will be conveying will differ in size, and the ability to properly put smaller things together in a box would help the packing process and manage space. Big and heavy items would cost you more because they require more manpower for loading and unloading and a better and stronger truck for the movement.


The price of moving from a small distance will be much lesser than that of a far distance. The cost of fuel is taken into consideration and the payment for the welfare of every member of the removalist firm that is moving with you. One way to beat down cost is to pick locations that are not too far and make use of locally hired removalists to reduce the number of required licensing. The moving of items interstate will require the firm to have some specific and updated licenses. 

Services Needed

You can’t be expecting the removal firm to do all available services and still be cheap, except for some cheap removalists in Wollongong. When it comes to service required, this is where you decide which you can afford and do with the rest. If you expect the company to provide everything you will need for packing, loading, and offloading you might as well get a loan because that won’t be cheap at all. 

Some ways to reduce cost is to get materials like boxes, tapes and other needs for packing from your local store or people around, another thing you should do is use friends and family members for manual labour, instead of the company providing the manpower for loading and unloading, making friends come along to help you pack will be a great idea.

Search Engines

The process of finding a removalist alone is as tedious as it can get, looking for a cheap one would require all the skills you have. The very first place is to search online for local directories. Searching for cheap removalists in Wollongong would give you a list of removalists that have their location and contact address online arranged in the order of the closest to you. 

Although most of them are not as cheap as they claim this is still the first step to finding a cheap removalist, next is to check their reviews and online testimonials to know which gave both affordable and effective services. Going through the list would help you cut down on finding the cheapest and most reliable you can get.

Referrals And Recommendation

Apart from talking to friends and family to see if anyone has a truck, you can borrow to move goods which might relatively be the cheapest because you are probably only expected to buy fuel and maintain that truck, asking relatives for removalists in Wollongong they recommend would be a great leap in the search for cheap removalist because you can tell them how much you can afford and they would still give you a couple of ideas of removalist they have either used or they trust. Even if the help is not enough it will give you a good list of removalists to compare with.

Local Movers

We can not emphasize the need for local removalists when trying to get a cheap and affordable movement. Local removalists are most likely one of the cheapest you will get, both in services and in cutting down cost because of their experience in movement and deep understanding of the area in which you are going to reduce unforeseen expenses. Because they are local most of the distance covered is usually not too far from the starting location and it also gives you the power to negotiate with them. 

Price Or Quality

Simply because you are looking for cheap removalists in Wollongong doesn’t mean you should settle for a crappy job. Many removalist firms are on the lookout to rip you of the small cash in the name of being cheap. While searching it is important to check reviews from people who have used their service. You should also pay attention to prices that are too cheap to be true are most likely not true except if you are getting a discount. The aim is to balance out the price and the quality such that you get a very good job done for a very affordable price.

Follow the tips mentioned above, you will be sure to get cheap and affordable removalists in Wollongong that are professional and experts at what they do who can provide you with quality removalist services, without all the issues that come with getting things cheap. 

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