How to Move House During COVID-19 Epidemic Stress


How to Move House During COVID-19 Epidemic Stress? – Hire Best Removalists Wollongong

All we are aware of the health crisis that strikes the entire world so badly, COVID-19. It affects all sectors, industries, professions, and businesses. Almost all types of human activities are also at pause. If you want to move during good days, then you may face lots of challenges or problems. In case you expect a similar thing during such an epidemic, then it highly looks like an impossible task. Today, you will get a complete guide by which you can understand, how to deal with the situations and move without a single issue.

Firstly, you have to choose one of the best furniture removalists Wollongong for the availability of the quality services. Silver Service Removals is always available at your service with a team of highly experienced and trained professionals. For further details, you can check out the upcoming details.

Step By Step Guide

Step 1: Check State / Territory Guidance And Restrictions

During the COVID-19 impact, it is not an easy task to move. Here, you have to take care of restrictions applied by legal authorities as well. If restrictions or all types of limitations are lifted in your area, then it does not mean you are good to go for moving. During such a pandemic, all states, regions, or cities are dealing with different types of restrictions, rules, and regulations.

You have to be focused on the guidelines of both areas separately, from where and where you want to move. It is the only way by which you can get aware of actual conditions and start working on a plan. In case you are facing issues in gathering such information, then you can contact us freely and our professionals will guide.

Step 2: Choose A Good Removalist

If you are able to make a move, then you have to choose the best and right company. For such a task, you can find lots of options in the market. Choosing one of the best removalists Wollongong is necessary that can deal with all conditions easily and deliver quality services.

Here, you can contact Silver Service Removals. We are providing services by taking care of all essentials and precautions as per the guidelines issued by medical & health institutions. We treat our clients as our family members and provide fully satisfactory services.

Step 3: Disconnections & New Connections

Before hitting the moving day, you have to make some specific arrangements first. Due to the CoronaVirus pandemic, you cannot predict any kind of situation in the future. For avoiding inconvenience in the future and preventing the lack of essentials, you should apply for new essentials connections to your new home in advance. On the other hand, you have to apply for the disconnection of the current house as well.

Try to complete all these things and procedures at least 2 weeks before you move. In case you take such an aspect carelessly and don’t work on it, then you may face lots of issues in the future. If you move to a new house without any connections and suddenly any kind of restrictions are applied then you need to survive with lots of problems. Advance disconnections and connections will help in preventing some serious problems.

Step 4: New Packing Material

Due to the COVID-19, you have to change lots of things from schedules. While moving in normal conditions, then most of the individuals prefer recycled or discarded packing materials. From the security point of view, you should try to get help from the new material only. It does not matter what kind of source you consider for moving (DIY, self-move, hire a removalist, etc), but you have to buy infection-free new material only. It is the main guideline issued by the experts.

Step 5: Start Packaging

Now it’s time to start packaging and pack all stuff carefully with the use of proper packing material. It depends on you that you want to do it by yourself or want to hire our packaging services as well. Our professionals are highly trained in packing stuff with proper care by which it cannot get damaged during the move and you will get it in similar conditions at the destination.

To pack all things perfectly and keep records, you can consider the option of a proper checklist and mark everything properly. It can help you in avoiding lots of confusion and get proper clarity.

Step 6: Move Day

Silver Service Removals is available with the best resources for moving your stuff perfectly. It is the biggest reason that’s why we are counted as one of the topmost furniture removalists Shellharbour. We are providing services by taking care of all rules & regulations such as – social distancing. With it, all professionals have equipped with PPE (personal protective equipment) kits. On the move day, you should keep the following points in mind.

  • Try to limit the number of people at home rather than professionals
  • Keep a pen and diary in your hands for proper documentation
  • Don’t forget to keep sanitiser handy
  • For speeding up the removal process, try to store all boxes in a single room

It is a small guide by which you can understand how you can move to a new house during COVID-19. For more details and guidance from experts, you can contact us anytime. We love to assist you and help you in making a safe move to a new house.

Disclaimer:- This is a generic Information & post; content about the services can be changed from time to time as per your requirements and contract. To get the latest and updated information, contact us today or visit our website.

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