Reliable Furniture Removalists in Shellharbour

When you search for reliable removalists near me, Silver Service Removalists are your number one choice for removals in the Shellharbour and Wollongong districts, with years of expertise and a large number of satisfied clients.

Whatever your Shellharbour removalist needs, we can assist you!

Whether you’re moving interstate, nationally, or locally, our courteous crew is on standby to ensure your removal day goes smoothly and without incident.

Our skilled team can also advise you on the best service for your needs since we now provide hourly and fixed fee removals.

All of this is included in the price and includes a guaranteed turn-up.

Here are the answers to your questions!

How long will it take for my relocation to be completed?

Every day, we get asked this question! Regrettably, there is no one answer.

The time required will vary according to the volume you have, the accessibility of both addresses, the distance between residences, the number of removalists you have, and your level of preparation.

How should I prepare my possessions for the move?

If anything fits inside a carton, it should be packed up tightly, without any loose pieces.

Dismantle any furniture that was not intended to be moved (for example, garden sheds, children’s play equipment).

Your removalists can dismantle and reassemble regular beds, but the more dismantled beds you have, the smoother and faster the day will go.

If you require moving boxes, our box shop stocks a wide variety of packing products.

How many movers will I require?

This will vary according to the size of your home, the ease of entry, and the number of goods to be transported.

Two removalists will be able to service a three-bedroom or smaller property with a normal level of traffic and enough access.

We recommend three guys for a four-bedroom+ relocation or a move with a high volume/difficult access.

For fixed-rate removals, our assessor will inform you of the anticipated number of removalists.

Which areas do you service?

Our regional expertise includes interstate, rural, and urban locations.

What if I have a large number of items?

Additionally, we give a complimentary evaluation to clients who have longer or bigger transfers or whose property has restricted access.

Our specialist will verify the number of the things to be transported and provide you with a “locked-in” price, ensuring that there are no unpleasant surprises about the cost.

Is insurance necessary for me?

Our personnel are professional furniture removalists in Shellharbour and surrounding areas with years of expertise. They take the best care of your possessions, but accidents may happen, which is why we strongly recommend that you purchase insurance.

Are there any additional or hidden costs?

No, our pricing is all-inclusive. We either charge an hourly fee or a verified fixed-price agreement (both of which include GST.)

What cannot be removed by the removalist?

We are unable to carry the following things because they are classified as dangerous commodities or are deemed risky to transport.

  • Combustible matches and firelighters
  • Bottles of gasoline, fuel containers, and aerosols
  • Liquids that can catch fire (e.g. petrol, motor & cooking oil, kerosene, methylated spirits, turpentine)
  • Solvents & chemicals for cleaning (e.g. pesticides, paint thinners, chlorine & swimming pool treatments etc)

Consider us to be your Shellharbour movers and packers.

We provide a comprehensive range of removal services; consider us Shellharbour removalists. We can handle anything, from packing your home before the relocation to unpacking after you arrive, and much more. Our packers and movers will relocate your house with the utmost care, utilising the proper equipment and protective materials to ensure the safe relocation of your property in Shellharbour.

Silver Service Removals is a well-known and reputable local removalist.

Unsurprisingly, we are regarded as the top removalists in Shellharbour by many. Silver Service Removals serves all levels of government and is often audited to ensure that we adhere to stringent quality and security requirements. All of our Shellharbour removalists have a clean criminal record and are completely uniform.

Our Removals and storage services in Shellharbour for up to 45 per cent less cost, with included move-in truck hiring.

As part of our dedication to being the finest removalists in Shellharbour or near you, we provide full-service furniture storage for your Shellharbour move. Our furniture storage system was meticulously designed to ensure that you have all you need for your relocation. Our procedure has been developed to prevent double handling by putting containers directly onto the truck. Our sophisticated and exceptionally safe storage facility can keep all of your belongings in custom-designed spaces and storage modules.

Shellharbour packaging services

Our home packing services are incredibly popular with previous clientele. With our integrated packing and relocation service available across Shellharbour. We can pack your complete home before your relocation, alleviating stress and safeguarding your belongings.

We comprehend Shellharbour’s movements.

Shellharbour may be highly busy and traffic can be an issue, so planning for removal day is a smart idea. Arranging for our vehicle to be parked near your home’s front entrance will expedite the move by reducing the distance required to transport things to the truck. If your property is located on a small street, one with a high concentration of parked automobiles, or one that presents additional obstacles, please negotiate access with your Silver Service Removals consultant.