Things You Should Plan Before The Arrival Of Local Removalists In Wollongong


When you relocate, your local removalists in Wollongong will do all the possible to make your transition as smooth as possible. However, that does not imply that you have nothing to do but relax and enjoy the respite. When you place your trust in Mobex, our specialists will take on the obligation of doing everything possible to make your shift as smooth as possible. Still, we recommend that you carry a set number of responsibilities to make the change go more smoothly and quickly. 

If you’re considering a move and want to hire local removalists in Wollongong, here are some things to consider when moving from one place to another place- 

Clean the area comprehensively and remove any unwanted furniture or any other trash.

Removing anything you don’t want your furniture movers to transport can help you move faster and more efficiently. Your local removalists in Wollongong will know precisely what needs to be delivered to your new home, and you may even save money!

 You’re bound to have a lot of old furniture and fittings that aren’t much use and many unwanted items that won’t be coming with you to your new home. Get rid of everything you don’t desire to have at your new place. This will make your relocation go more smoothly.

Disassemble all of the big things

You may save time and potential nuisance by disassembling as many pieces of furniture and appliances as possible before your local removalists in Wollongong arrive. We can undoubtedly aid you in disassembling and reassembling your items upon arriving at your new location. Still, the more disassembled and ready to be carried, the less time will be added to the total operation. If possible, disassemble all large, bulky furniture before our professionals arrive. Our movers have comprehensive experience dismantling all types of large furniture. This is one advantage of hiring a reputable firm like Silver Service Removals rather than cheap Sydney removalists who aren’t well-known for providing these specialized services.

The fridge should be emptied.

This is understandable, and we recommend that you empty your refrigerator and clean it carefully before the move to satisfy your landlord. By emptying your refrigerator before relocating, you avoid the chance of products breaking or leaking. In addition, if you fill an esky with ice packs and keep the food you want to travel to, it will be easier to refuel your energy during the day.

Tape down the doors, all the cabinets and drawers

 We make every effort to keep your valuables secure, so they don’t collide with or damage other items. However, our local removalists in Wollongong would appreciate it if you could tape down all fridge doors (if it’s yours and comes with you to your new address), furniture, and anything else with drawers and doors.

Make a list of the little things.

When it comes to managing the more miniature furniture and fittings, you should group them so that our movers can pack them up swiftly, effortlessly, and effectively when they arrive.

Your New Place’s Responsibilities

Even if it’s an interstate move, you’ll need to visit your new address ahead of time and complete some duties.

The utilities must be connected.

 Before the movers arrive with your belongings, go to your new address and connect all of your utilities. Then, contact your utility company to set up your water and gas, internet and phone, electricity, and other utility connections. This will allow you to determine whether or not all of your electrical equipment is in good working order once our local removalists in Wollongong have connected them to your new address.

Consider Pest control too

Although pest control is not directly related to moving, it is necessary to ensure that you are not moving into a colony of pests that will devour your furniture and ruin it in no time.

Important information should be shared

Is everything set for the big day in terms of communication? Make sure your removalists are aware of any potential barriers when accessing and exiting your property and any anticipated access issues at your new residence. For example, confirm all access with your real estate agent, notify your neighbors that you are moving and that access to pathways and driveways may be limited on the day, reserve any parking needed for the removalist truck, and notify Australia Post and all relevant accounts of your change of address.

Assemble a first night box.

Stock and label a moving box with all-important supplies such as medications, a first aid kit, water bottles, energy bars, blankets, and torches to prevent fumbling through boxes to discover what you might need for your first night in your new location.

Make a list of essential documents and keep them safe.

Passports and birth certificates, for example, should be gathered and kept safe during your relocation. Instead of allowing removalists to handle essential documents, you should transport them yourself for peace of mind during your move.


It’s an assurance that you’ll be able to move on time. Now is the time to contact us. At Silver Service Removals, we offer the local, country, and interstate removals in Wollongong, and we vow you will be delighted with our work. 

If you’re looking for a reliable local removalist in Wollongong, contact our team at Silver Service Removals, and we’ll make your move as easy as possible. As you can see, just a small bit of collaboration from the result is a smoother and more customized service and move. 

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